Byron Bay is a town which prides itself on many things. A clean environment. No skyscrapers. A lack of commercial advertising. And all of those are great. I mean, really, who wants a gaudy condo eclipsing their day at the beach? Or fifty-foot billboards of anorexic Calvin Klein models? No thanks.

However, there is still a saturated plastering around town of another sort: Tattered posters advertising yoga classes, personal massage therapists (of dubious credibility), and any number of obscure musical gatherings. It can be a real drag.

So for a town of artists and free thinkers we at the Shop decided to ditch the usual drab postering and instead celebrate real art made my real artists. Turn our main dining area into a place not only to enjoy great food and coffee but also to reflect on creativity, emotion, and expression.

As such we’re very excited to announce a partnership with the Lone Goat Gallery to showcase new works by local artists on bi-monthly exhibitions throughout the year. The collection is being curated by Andrew McDonald. On display in the Top Shop right now are pieces from the talented Mahala Magins who specializes in abstract landscape paintings. Works that are deeply emotive and bitingly visceral.

Magins has twice been selected for The Portia Geach Memorial Award, The Gold Coast City Contemporary Art Award, and the Hurford Hardwood Portrait Prize with her portrait of art collector, June Blanchett, held at Lismore Regional Gallery in 2015.

So have a look inside the shop and please check out for more info on the artist and her incredible work!

Cloud Survey

Oil, Plaster and Pumice on Canvas Panel, 2017