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words by Sean Callahan

Can mushrooms really help solve the climate crisis?

In 1989, when the Exxon Valdez oil tanker tore into a reef along the rocky Alaskan coast, the world gasped at the disaster which was about to unfold. Millions of gallons of crude oil began leeching into the Prince William sound, choking wildlife and covering the icy,...

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Can’t find skim milk coffees? It may be for the best.

You’re trying to be healthy. You get up at dawn to walk the lighthouse. Maybe you cut down on the carbs. Skip the sweets (even though those donuts and pastries are calling your name.) And when it comes to your morning latte you ask the barista for skim milk instead of...

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Top Shop enjoys new art installation

Byron Bay is a town which prides itself on many things. A clean environment. No skyscrapers. A lack of commercial advertising. And all of those are great. I mean, really, who wants a gaudy condo eclipsing their day at the beach? Or fifty-foot billboards of anorexic...

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Giving ‘Macas’ a good name

When everyday Aussies hear the word Maccas they usually think fast food. Golden arches. Big waistlines. Greasy burgers and chips that never decompose. Any number of things. But the word "healthy" is generally not one of them. That may be about to change. In 2016, a...

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Super-food or super fraud? How Chia seeds measure up

He had to know if it was true. When journalist Christopher McDougall was on assignment in the arid towns of New Mexico he stumbled upon something special. It was a photo in a magazine of a man sprinting through a rocky desert canyon. The man wore thin leather sandals...

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The Ketchup Conundrum

Mustard now comes in dozens of varieties. Why has ketchup stayed the same? Many years ago, one mustard dominated the supermarket shelves: French’s. It came in a plastic bottle. People used it on hot dogs and bologna. It was a yellow mustard, made from ground white...

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A (piccolo-size) history of coffee

We take it for granted now, but really, can you picture a life without coffee? How utterly and completely miserable. It's estimated that well over two billion cups of coffee are poured out around the world...every day! It's more than just a warm invitation to a day's...

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Would you drink something that is still alive?

If you could travel back in time, two centuries before the birth of Jesus, and happen upon a small village in Northern China you might discover the villagers there drinking something truly bizarre. It wouldn't be coffee or wine. It wouldn't be beer or liquor. It would...

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Flour Power

If you haven't already tried one of our delicious pastries, muffins, croissants, or donuts yet- do yourself a favour. Have one. Have two. Treat yourself. You may want to take a nap afterwards but we also happen to make the best coffee in town. If you have sampled our...

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